Who is Gabe Gabrielsen

No Gabe Gabrielsen is not the Long Ranger?

Gabe is a former County Administrator who had an extraordinary career in local government. He served two counties in two states and was faced a litany of unique challenges seldom confronted by most local public officials.

For example, he directed the recovery operations following a FEMA disaster and oversaw the design and construction of both a new government Administrative Center and a County Correctional Facility. To appease a vocal contingent of local residents Gabe spearheaded the restoration and total remodeling of a 150 year old historic courthouse. In addition, he initiated the privatization of several government functions.

Gabe was instrumental in forming collaborative partnerships with State, Regional and local economic development authorities and business development corporations which enabled him to oversee an unprecedented economic development boom responsible for significant jobs creations.

A retired Unites States Air Force Officer, Gabe is a mover and a shaker with a wealth of global experiences. During his military travels he came to understand there are three types of people in the world:

      Those who make this happen

            Those you watch things happen, and

                  Those who wonder what the hell just happened

Gabe believes all local public officials are manufactures. Many create problems, some make excuses however a small handful are the ones - driving forces - that get things done.

Today Gabe serves as the Executive Director of Local Government Resources a firm he co-founded in 2008. Local Government Resources provides local officials, commumity leaders and career professionals with the tools, resources and the support they need to enhance their personal productivity, increase their professional and help their commumities thrive.

Meet Gabe Gabrielsen, OEO

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