A Common Sense Approach to Local Economic Development

  Economic Development 101
       {According to Gabe Gabrielsen}

There are two philosophies public officials embrace  to pursue economic development in their communities.

he first, and most widely used, requires public officials to do two things:
   1) Cross their fingers
   2) Pray

    Philosophy 1 Generally Leads to:
The second, and more time consuming philosophy,  requires public officials to take seven steps.

  1)  Inventory their community assets
  2)  Identify businesses that will fit in their communities
  3)  Join trade organizations & business associations
  4)  Develop goals & create plans based on their goals
  5)  Work their plan hard
  6)  Monitor their plan & make appropriate adjustments
  7)  Consult with Gabe Gabrielsen and do it right

    Philosophy 2 Typically Results in:

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 Development  in your community order your copy of